RSCDS Canberra & District Branch Classes

The Branch holds classes in Canberra, from February to November.  We aim to cater for dancers at all levels of knowledge, experience and technical expertise. 

Most dances are a story with the formations, steps and movements of the dance, from the start to the finish, revealing the story.
Care is taken with warm up and cool down exercises to maintain dancer health and fitness. 

SCD Basics  - Wednesday evenings- see calendar  

6.00 - 7.00pm, St Andrews Hall, Forrest  

These sessions introduce the steps and formations found in many Scottish country dances. They may be familiar to people who have had the enjoyment of joining in a Scottish ceilidh.

What to wear? Of course, any tartan is welcome! But wear what is comfortable for you to dance in.  

Wear soft soled shoes that are not too slippery or too grippy.

Stay on to join the General Class which follows immediately after at 7.30pm to reinforce what you've learned and stretch your capability (with lots of help provided!).

General Classes - Wednesday evening 7.30 - 9.30pm St Andrews Hall, Forrest - Cost $6 members / $8 non members

Dancers at these classes are more familiar with the steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing. The classes are a combination of learning dances with some focus on improving technique and learning further (and perhaps more complex) formations found in dances. They are intended to stretch the knowledge and technique level of a dancer, pointing out further facets of Scottish country dancing, from the timing and phrasing of the components of the dance, synchronising with dance partners to hand movements and protocol of the dances.

View the recent dances taught at this class here

NOTE: Wednesday 22nd May - this class will be fun ceilidh-style, all welcome 

Gentle Dancers - Friday afternoon 2.00 - 4.00pm St Andrews Hall, Forrest - Cost $6 members / $8 non members

These classes cover a range of technique and experience levels, but are all designed to be low impact on joints, with easy, low intensity movements. These classes help dancers to continue to enjoy dancing Scottish by enabling those with joint strains and aches to continue dancing, continue exercising and continue socialising with other dancers.

View the recent dances taught at this class here

Technique Days - Special Class Event held once or twice a year

These classes are to benefit dancers of all levels of technique and experience to enhance and stretch their skills. This event was held in April 2021 and included two classes in the morning for less experienced dancers, called Improving Steps and Focus on Formations. The two afternoon classes were for more experienced dancers to stretch their skill levels with the More Challenging Formations class and the Advanced High Impact Technique class. Cost is dependent on the number of classes you chose to participate in on the day.