Past Clubs

The 1970s brought a surge of interest in Scottish Country Dancing built on foundations that had been laid in the 1950s and 1960s by the pioneers of the SCD Club of Canberra and the Burns SCD Group.

These clubs, already well established by the end of the 1960s, also thrived during the 1970s. By the early 1980s, Canberra had six SCD clubs, compared with two at the start of the 1970s.

As numbers waned and dynamics changed by 2018 Canberra had returned to two clubs , The Canberra and District Branch of the RSCDS and The Scottish Country Dance Club of Canberra, where the Black Mountain Reelers Class continues to due to affiliation with the Scottish Country Dance Club of Canberra

The history of The Scottish Country Dance Club of Canberra and Black Mountain Reelers can be found here

Belconnen SCD Logo

Belconnen Scottish Country Dancers Inc.

The Club operated from 1975 and closed in May 2018.

History of Belconnen Scottish Country Dancers read here

The Burns Scottish Country Dancing Group

This Club was instrumental in the development of Scottish country dancing in Canberra, leading to the formation of the current Canberra and District RSCDS Branch. The Club was vibrant and actively promoted Scottish country dancing but closed in 2014 after 50 years of activity, holding a final social dance on Saturday 29 November 2014. For a brief history of the club see The End of an Era by Sandra Carroll.

End of an Era. Read here

David Currie, Memoirs of Scottish Country Dancing and the Burns Club. Read here

Canberra Hospital Scottish Dance Club.

The Canberra Hospital Scottish Dance Club was founded in 1975 by Jean Conway, one of "The Australian Ladies" immortalised in the Scottish Country Dance.

On 20 September1980, Ian Powrie flew from Western Australia to play for the 4th annual White Heather Ball held by the Club. Ticket price $9.00.

There is limited information about the Hospital Class.