A Canberra  Scottish music dance band, Strathmannan was formerly Fife & Clackmannanshire, and previously, Reel Tradition. The band has played regularly around the region for over 40 years at dances, festivals, weddings, gatherings and in concert, and has recorded a self-titled CD.

With driving twin fiddles and funky piano, Strathmannan’s sound has been described as a unique fusion of folk, classical and jazz styles.  Over the decades, the band has included many notable Canberra musicians and they continue to delight audiences as a Celtic concert and party band.

With singer, Seamus Gill (Co. Donegal), the singer with a song for all occasions, Strathmannan can transport you along a Celtic music journey with the fiddle frenzy of Kate and Mark and the jazz keyboard of Niall (Co. Donegal, Edinburgh, Canberra).

“This band gives your feet wings”

Contact: Kate Scott           0458 005 088