SCD Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scottish Country Dancing?

It is a form of social dancing danced by groups of couples, called sets, nowadays usually consisting of four couples, positioned adjacent to each other in two parallel lines, the men facing the women. This arrangement of a set, called the longwise country dance, is progressive.

What is Progression?

At the conclusion of each turn of the dance, the couple at the top who begin the dance, finish one place further down the set , eventually arriving at the bottom of the set. Then each of the other couples in succession, having reached the top, take their turn of the dance in order to progress to the bottom or 'foot'.

What are Formations?

The country dance is composed of formations which are arranged in a different sequence for each dance. Having mastered the basic formations, a country dancer is able to participate happily and easily wherever there is country dancing.

Why dance Scottish Country Dancing?

This is an enjoyable dance tradition that has spread to all parts of the world:
  • lively rhythms of reels, jigs and stately, elegant strathspeys
  • fun social activity - come alone or with a partner and friends
  • great exercise for the body and brain
  • international - no need to be Scottish and you can visit a group or club many places where your work or vacation takes you
  • all you need is a pair of light shoes (and a light heart)
  • family friendly evenings of dancing for all levels from new to experienced, juniors to veterans