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Scottish Country Dancing has widespread following throughout many countries.
There is a wide variety of information readily available and we have listed a small sample of useful links below, which range from dance groups, dance teacher resources, dance instructions and many useful videos are available to watch a dance being performed.
If you would like to get an idea how the popularity of individual dances has waxed and waned over the history of SCD in Canberra please follow this link.  Dances that have been included in the Canberra Ball (for most years) since 1958 are recorded in a spreadsheet prepared by Brian Gunning.

On the SCD FAQ page we have a few answers to some frequent SCD questions (with more as they arise).

Miss Jean Milligan, co-founder of the RSCDS, visited Canberra in 1974, and attended a dinner with Mr Bill Snedden MP.  The transcript of speeches on that occasion is available here.

International SCD Sites

Description RSCDS Headquarters, Edinburgh. RSCSD members may login with their username and password.
 Information site
www.scottishdance.netGrand Chain - An Edinburgh Scottish Dance Resource
Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary - Resources include dance instructions, video links and more...
Minicrib A database of abbreviated instructions for more than 4000 dances, including those in recent RSCDS Books.
Download a self-extracting .exe file that contains a template for Microsoft Word (1.4Mb).
An alphabetical list of brief dance instructions becomes available in the form of "autotext".
The author, Charles Upton, augments his database frequently. See
Dance Injuries Advice on prevention and treatment - See:
Care of Legs for dancers: an article from TACtalk, 1997. See PDF file: Care of Legs in dancing.pdf
The Strathspey ServerA comprehensive and useful site with SCD information and dance database
ScotscoresMuriel Johnstone's site, with links to many sources of SCD music
Canadian site with many links and contact details for the Teachers Association of Canada and their "TAC Books" and "TAC Sound" resources
Inter-city ScotDetailed list of North American Groups

Our Region SCD Sites

Australia and New Zealand:-

RSCDS Branches and SCD Groups in Australia (central site with links to many Branches and Groups)
South Australia
RSCDS Adelaide and District Branch
Tascal / Burnie / Launceston / Oatlands groups
RSCDS Melbourne Branch
Northern Territory
RSCDS Northern Territory Branch
QueenslandRSCDS Queensland Branch
New South Wales
RSCDS Sydney Branch

RSCDS Hunter Valley Branch
Western Australia
RSCDS Western Australia Branch
New Zealand
RSCDS New Zealand Branch

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