Our Logo

The 2007 SCD Winter School held in Canberra had a floral theme with promotional material that suggested you “Promenade in the Floral Set” and orchids of Canberra's central Black Mountain were used as names for the various classes.

With this backdrop it was thought appropriate to design a floral logo for the Winter School. Brian Gunning photographed flowers of the Canberra Bluebell (Wahlenbergia), the ACT floral emblem, in the National Botanic Gardens. He recalls that "one image had a nicely curved flower stalk which gave the idea for the logo’s central Celtic triskelion pattern".

Then "multiplying and rotating that stylised green stalk and flower six times produced the logo, symbolising Canberra (and perhaps some of Burley-Griffins' city plans!) and the interlocking paths of Scottish dance formations".